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"Evidence based" means actually following the science

I have belonged to the Alliance of International Aromatherapists since 2014. I was proud of my work with them, serving on the Research Committee, and being the second ever grant recipient for my work aiming to establish aromatherapy as an adjunct therapy for those suffering from Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome pain.

I agreed to be a speaker at the upcoming 2021 international conference in Wheeling, IL back in the spring, before the Delta variant became wide spread. At the time, the organizers anticipated it being a hybrid conference, because not everyone would feel comfortable going in person to the conference. That made sense to me.

I planned on attending the conference in person, but when the Delta variant became widespread, and much of the country was opposed to mitigating its spread, I started second guessing that decision.

I requested that the conference organizers mandate mask use. They said no. They're going to suggest masks instead. We've seen how willing anti maskers are to participate in public health measures.

This conference is being put on by healthcare providers and alternative medicine experts. The organization claims they follow science and are evidence based. The fact that they refuse to mandate masks, when they know some of the attendees are very vocal about their refusal to be vaccinated or wear masks, shows how much they actually care about science.

I'm outraged that not only are they ignoring the science, but when I told them their decision was a mistake, I have had no further communications from them.

Does this mean this organization is ignoring science and pandering to the anti vax, anti science audience? It sure does look that way too me.

I've spoken to other members of this organization, and they too are shocked and outraged. I'm left reconsidering my association with this organization, and my participation in the conference.

Public health measures work when they are followed, and the fact that an organization refuses to back them makes me question the organization's validity.

Tonight I made the decision to cancel my trip to the conference next month. I will not risk my health, my childrens' health, and those I come into contact with.

The SARS-CoV-2 pandemic has made it clear that some people value public health, and participate in measures that are science-based in order to preserve human lives. Some people view any minor convenience as tantamount to oppression. This is ignorant and selfish, and I'm tired of it.

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