Dr. Shannon Becker earned her PhD in Comparative Biomedical Sciences, concentrating in Cell Biology. As a PhD scientist, she studied the coincidence of genetic changes in canine cancer and evolution of the Canidae. Previously, Dr. Becker studied canine cancer, contributed to several genome sequencing projects, and explored signalling pathways. While finishing her PhD, she learned that relaxation exercises, physical exercise, and essential oils form a great complement to traditional treatments for health conditions. Dr. Becker decided to further her study of essential oils and became a certified aromatherapist with Aromahead Institute. Since this initial program, she went on to further study the chemical and therapeutic aspects of aromatics.

Dr. Becker has completed over 770 hours of aromatherapy training and certification through internationally recognized schools--Aromahead Institute, NY Institute of Aromatic Studies (previously named School for Aromatic Studies), and the Institute of Traditional Herbal Medicine and Aromatherapy (ITHMA), London. She earned a diploma in Advanced Aromatic Medicine from ITHMA in 2018, as one of only 25 to earn the degree since the program started. Dr. Becker passed the Aromatherapy Registration Council™ exam in 2018, and is now a Registered Aromatherapist™. This distinction is the closest to licensing in the United States.


Dr. Becker’s PhD and scientific training allows her to understand the chemical and biological aspects of aromatherapy. She uses peer reviewed research and coursework to formulate aromatic therapies for specific purposes, relying on scientific aspects of the aromatics. Her extensive benchwork in the lab means that she understands the specifics of aromatic formulating and manufacturing.


Dr. Becker’s mission is to combine scientific training with advanced aromatherapy training, to help others and further advance evidence-based aromatherapy. She has written scientific articles detailing the biological and chemical properties of essential oils and aromatic compounds. Dr. Becker has detailed the mechanism of influenza infection and the aromatic chemicals and essential oils that have been shown scientifically to fight this communicable infection. She has dispelled the myths that essential oils can fix DNA or clean cell receptors, by describing genetic and cellular biology mechanisms. Dr. Becker has also written about formulating for pain management, based on the cell receptors involved in inflammation and pain. She taught the skills needed to read peer reviewed research and cite research properly, and has been featured on three podcasts. Dr. Becker has served as a peer reviewer as well, and consults for several industry leaders and clinical aromatherapists.




Pain Management

Aromatherapy offers much to pain management as an adjunct therapy.


Tisserand Institute, Czech Republic
Essential Oil Safety Masterclass certificate


Knowledge Institute for Complementary Nursing, Netherlands

Fusion AromaTherapy and Pain certificate


Institute of Traditional Herbal Medicine and Aromatherapy, London

International Advanced Diploma in Aromatic Medicine


North Carolina State University

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Comparative Biomedical Sciences, Cell Biology


Aromahead Institute

Aromatherapist Certificate

Cellular Biology

Aromatic molecules interact with the cell, through cell receptors and internal mechanisms.

Evidence-based Aromatherapy

There is ample peer reviewed data showing aromatherapy works. Aromatherapists should use this science to formulate their therapies.